Junya, Watanabe, MAN, x, The, North, Face, x, Karrimor,, spring and summer combined series, when sho - New Shoes Release 2017
Junya, Watanabe, MAN and The North Face teamed up to create new 2018 spring and summer exposure. Junya Watanabe and MAN The North Face Karrimor designer Watanabe Junya also invited to help out, the backpack was deconstructed, and Hooded Jacket perfect fusion, to create a unique shape but also greatly improve the utility function.
Junya Watanabe MAN x The North Face x Karrimor new joint projects are expected to be released early next year!

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We have been running, but never found what is missing

< one >

actually, we're all running ~

some people run just to run,

some people run to survive,
some people run for better themselves,
but they seem to be missing something <, click on the music below, and then look at the three moving pictures above. You'll find different things, >.

you might say this this time, they lack rhythm, they lack professional clothes... actually, they just lack one thing, that's music!

Come on! Make, some, noise!

< two; > someone once asked, "should we listen to music when we are running?" The answer to the argument is actually different from person to person.

some people need music to get in. Because studies have found that listening to music reduces your running fatigue by 10%, that is to say, concerts give you a "short fatigue, loss of immunity" bonus. When music stimulates the human brain from the outside, some of the signals in the body can not be transmitted smoothly to the brain, such as fatigue produced by muscles or organs. That's why listening to music often makes us run faster and more easily.

at the same time, melody can also mobilize our positive emotions and relieve the tension and anxiety. As a result, many runners choose to listen to music at the start of the race to get into the state quickly.

some people think that concerts are lost. While running, the concert blocks your breathing and footsteps, which are important feedback from your body during exercise. You don't know what's going on around you, and you don't know if there's a car or a person behind you. It's dangerous.

in addition, concerts create dependency inertia. Over time, you will find yourself unable to find the power to run when you are out of the music.

if there's one thing that won't block the sound of breathing, footsteps, and the sounds of the surroundings,
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